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"This book does not hesitate to present issues in a direct manner..."

In the face of current federal prohibition of cannabis, a significant proportion of the US population has postured toward its legalization in a revolutionary manner. Dr. Holt reminds us that revolutions often come with uncertain consequences, but he tells us what we should expect from increasing cannabis use in the present or future. With four states of the Union (at the time of writing) allowing the recreational use of cannabis and a couple of dozen states with legislation to approve its use for medical purposes, there are fundamental changes in the public perception of the safety and potential value of cannabis in modern society. Strong differences of opinion underlie strategies to legalize cannabis, and Dr. Holt faces these issues head-on in a thoughtful and objective manner. After many years of prohibition, cannabis emerges with perceived value and promise for the medical treatment of many diseases. That said, much of the drive for cannabis legalization has resulted from its psychoactive effects, which are used for recreational purposes.

After more than a decade of debates about the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, society is entering several domains of uncertainty. These domains include the medical, economic, social, and continuing political outcomes surrounding cannabis use. The electorate has not shown landslide support for cannabis legalization, and some residual anxiety exists about the potential negative results of legalization in the short and long term. The presence of cold feet after some degree of legalization is apparent in some states of the Union, but it is difficult to measure. The number-one issue on the minds of many people who contemplate legalization is what to expect? This book tells us about many aspects of what we should expect with cannabis legalization. While scientists, politicians, practicing physicians, and others exhibit varying degrees of ignorance about cannabis use, a pernicious problem exists. How can the average man or woman use cannabis in a responsible manner that will result in safe and efficacious outcomes?

John Salerno, DO
Salerno Center,

"Covers basic science and clinical aspects of marijuana"

This book reveals foundations of cannabis actions and potential use in disease treatment. It covers basic science and clinical aspects of marijuana in a detailed manner that provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The book comes with added value of a self assessment program which is very valuable in reinforcing learning for all individuals interested in the science of cannabis.

Mike  Walsh
New Jersey

"A Must Read"

This book is a must read for all people interested in the basic and clinical science aspects of marijuana. In an eloquent manner, Dr. Holt navigates the functions of cannabis and its potential actions in disease treatment. It is notable by the presence of a valuable self assessment program.

Mike Sikora
New Jersey

Cannabis Revolution $28.99

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By Stephen Holt MD, DSc

Dr. Stephen Holt, a leader in the field of natural medicine, examines the issue in detail , answering questions such as:

  • How can we responsibly use cannabis?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the possible positive outcomes?
  • Does the delivery method matter?
  • How has cannabis changed over time?
  • What diseases might cannabis help treat?
  • What are the social and political questions that revolve around using the substance such as should it be taxed, how does it fit into religious practice and its association with violence and crime.

Whether you are a health care professional, politician, someone seeking a new treatment option, or a concerned citizen, it's critical to inform yourself about The Cannabis Revolution©.

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